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Oneida 3-Jaw Flange Chuck

                                    Key Features            

bulletUnmatched performance when used
to balance driveshafts.
bullet"Loc Jac" wedge clamping 
can not be pried up with a crowbar,
only piston releases.
bulletDesigned to hold CV Joints-Sliding,
CV Joints-Static, Rubber Flex Joints
bulletModular construction
reduces spare part stocking.
bulletSimple to change (3) clamps
and Collet module to change parts.
bulletAir, or push to release.
bulletSpring loaded, safely operates
without power.
bullet"Loc Jac" wedge clamping action allows
a soft collet setting.
bulletTaper fits eliminate wear and run out
bulletAircraft aluminum housing
saves spin down time
bulletAvailable in hardened alloy steel

Tool Capacities

Description Part #


3-Jaw Flange Chuck 881-56-1000

11" dia. X 9" long

CV Joint 114 mm Sliding Collet Module 881-51-1000

4.49 dia. collet

Flex Joint Collet Module 881-51-4000

4.75 center to center

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