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This Oneida 2-Jaw Inertia Welding Chuck, is one example

                                      Key Features              

bulletGage practices allow weld yoke to
center for weld.
bulletDiamond locators allow weld yoke to
center, yet support during weld.
bullet2 screws remove assembled jaw for
quick part change over.
bulletDesigned to shim to compensate for
2-jaw chuck. 
bulletShims stay assembled with top jaws.
bulletWhen the jaws close they compress, and
then released two Belleville spring packs. 
These spring pins support the part
during the weld when the part is red hot.

Tool Capacities

Description Part #


Main Jaw 875-10-0014

To your needs

89mm Top Jaw 875-10-0020

To your needs

92mm Top Jaw 875-10-0021

To your needs

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