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Frequently    Asked Questions

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1.    Why should I talk to Oneida Tool?


We can make you money!


2.    Explain your build process?

    We start with a trip to your shop. We then design to your need. We quality build to .0002 tolerances. And we install tool.

3.    Why would you want to come to my business to see my machines?

    Each machine is unique and needs attention to detail

4.    What types tools do you make?

    We can custom make any tool.  We specialize in work-holding tools.

5.   If I donít make automobile parts, can Oneidaís tools still help me?

    We do work on aircraft, marine, military, and medical projects.  

6.    What makes Oneida Tool a better value than competitors tools?   
(see our Value Story)

    The value of a tool is told over time, and the quality of your parts. Based on your return on investment we are the best tool.

7.    How long have you been building precision tooling?

Oneida Tool was established in 1966 to build the more complicated tooling that other shops would shy away from.  We have been building precision tooling ever since.

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We don't make the drive shafts, couplings, yokes and gears,
We help you make them better and faster.

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