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Oneida Tool's Value Story

Why is an Oneida Tool a better value than competitors tools ?

1.    Oneida Tools can reduce your scrap rate!

One customer was using a competitive collet chuck to grip the outside diameter of a slip yoke and was experiencing an 11% scrap rate on a balancing operation.  This customer simply bolted an Oneida Tool 50mm double angle collet chucks using a 1.4763” diameter collet and the scrap rate was reduced to 2%.

That 9% scrap rate reduction saved them $585,000 last year. 

Based on a part costing $45.00 and making one part every 100 seconds on two shifts for 50 weeks.  ( 288 parts per shift * 9% = 26 parts @ $45.00 each = $1170.00 savings a shift; Times 5 days a week = $5,850.00 * 50 weeks =  $292,500.00 * 2 shifts = $585,000.00 savings!!!).

2.    Oneida Tools can increase your production!

Another customer was using a competitors collet chuck on the slip yoke end of an automobile propshaft.   The customer replaced the competitors chuck with an Oneida Tool 50mm Double Angle Collet chuck with a 1.5977” diameter collet.  The scrap rate dropped from 13%  to 1%.  The customer no longer needs a third machine to keep up with the scrap problem.

That 12% reduction may have saved them $1,750,000 in two years.

3.    Oneida Tools last longer with less problems!

A customer was using a competitors (4) jaw flange chuck and was experiencing the driveshaft pulling out of the collet which caused the driveshaft to bend 90 degrees and damage the chuck and the machine.  This customer installed an Oneida (4) jaw flange chuck with a special designed push-to-release adapter.  Now the “loc-jac” wedge clamp action of the Oneida Flange Chuck holds the part safely during the balancing operation.

The customer was also able to use a less claming force on the collet because the (4) clamp arms pulled the part down solid and safely held with Oneida's “Loc Jac” clamp arms.

4.    Oneida Tools flexibility increase your "just in time" Production!

A customer wanted to grip a family of huge industrial air conditioner rotors to measure them vertically in a rotary table equipped CMM.  The O.D. of the rotors ran from 35mm to 100mm with a short stub to grip on.  Parts weighed up to 550 pounds.  The customer was able to purchase a single 100mm Double Angle Collet Chuck from Oneida Tool and a family of half collets (demi collets) to attach to the rotors. 

What took an hour to switch tools now it takes under five minutes!

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