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Value Story 

Collet Chucks

4-Jaw Flange Chucks

3-Jaw Flange Chucks

Custom Tools

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Oneida Tool's tradition of excellence & trust since 1966
offers precision, reliability, and profitable performance.

Value Story

bulletOne Oneida chuck installation saved  $1,750,000 in two years

   Save 4 ways:

bulletReduced scrap rate from 13% to 1%
bulletReduced tool change time from 1 hour
to 5 minutes!!!
bulletLess skilled staff gets quality results
bulletTools last longer

Double Angle Collet Chucks


Quality designed
and built tools


Available at 50mm;
70mm; and 100mm


Saved customer over $500,000 in reduced
scrap rate in one year


Time to change collets:
5 minutes!!

 4-Jaw Flange Chuck


2 clamp arms have Oneida's unique "Loc Jac" locking arm


Simple collet change to hold large universal joint flange

bulletReduced tool change over time from 1 hour to 5 minutes!

3-Jaw Flange Chuck

bulletAll 3 arms have
Oneida's "Loc Jac"
for positive hold down
with wedges
bulletModular collet holds 114mm CV Joint &
changes to hold
Rubber Flex Joint 

Custom Tools

bulletWe make machines run better & longer
bulletA 2-Jaw Inertia Welding Chuck holds weld yokes during inertia weld

Custom Machines

bulletWe made a Knurled Pin Stake Machine with interchangeable mandrels
bulletReducing scrap rate from 10% to 1%!!!


To immediately reach us,
E-mail ,
Fax us 24 hr / 7 day at 313-537-5781,
Or call John at 313-537-0770

We don't make the drive shafts, couplings, yokes and gears,
We help you make them better and faster.

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